Shortly after the guy came back on the palace Kuon sings your a track when he sleeps

It’s created one Kuon at some point match having Haku really near the top of an identical ruins in which she first-found him.

Relationship [ ]

  • Kuon – The woman is Haku’s guardian, approximately she states and so they envision each other just like the loved ones. Previously, there’s no intimate emotions involved ranging from their and you will Haku, but nevertheless she cares to own him. She actually is a bit of a slave-driver too while the she usually forces Haku to focus, which is her own technique for and make him independent and reliable. Then for the Futari no Hakuowlo they became two.

Unique Characteristics (??)

After the battle against the Uzuurusha concluded, She tried to brighten him abreast of a date and also have him a relationship letter of which Haku didn’t a little know very well what she supposed to say thereon letter. At that time when Yamato declares combat on Tuskur he had been some concerned with Kuon, He tried to query her if the she could help him so you can submit supplies in order to Yamato armies even when sometimes both don’t consent in regards to the battle, however when he realizes that she isn’t really in her own place after that he appeared every where to locate this lady, where it suggestions one to Haku and cares much for Kuon. Haku was amazed to see Kuon for the anyone else happy to leave have always been and you will she smiles at Haku which have an excellent delighted and you can joyful face. He enjoys the lady company. Prior to its coming to help you Tuskur, Haku requires their when the she actually is okay because of the providing Yamato invasion, she answers him because of the detailing her care for to own avoid the battle since she declares herself since the only who will. Just after retreating regarding Tuskur, Kuon gave your specific providers and you can expected him from the their depression of your own Emperor’s dying, while the Haku cannot fall into Yamato. Adopting the race up against Vurai, he will get daten met oasis active eager to meet with Kuon and also the others from the Ennakamuy. Unfortuitously, Oshtor’s demise designed one Haku must take their place to cover Anju by results his cover up and you can dresses, for this reason faking their death to help you Kuon’s grief and Haku’s sadness. Once the Kuon makes Ennakamuy, Haku involved to disclose himself so you’re able to the lady however, their obligation given that Oshtor forces your to prevent. When he sit before the folks of Ennakamuy he continues to have the newest metal fan one Kuon provided him. It’s realized that Haku really cares getting Kuon but its not sure in the event the he has thinking on her behalf. However was hinted which he really wants to getting together.

From inside the Mask from Specifics, Kuon has actually difficult feelings towards Oshtor just like the due to the fact she noticed your because responsible for Haku’s “death” and she even flew toward a rage whenever she (together title undetectable) notices him playing with Tessen and you will saying which he wielded they to help you award a buddy. Annoyed, she first started seriously beating and you may would have went on so you’re able to or even to have Anju’s disturbance. The woman overhearing Oshtor muttering one thing she understands simply Haku would say immediately contributes to their suspecting their true name and captures the woman off guard plenty you to she is struggling to specialize in her battle with Anju. On account of this type of events she phone calls of Tuskur’s structured attack away from Yamato and output on category less than the lady past guise. This woman is assured regarding Oshtor’s correct term, she begins to cure your very much the same means she treated Haku. She actually is amazed out-of just what they are with the capacity of from the best the battle, but a whole lot more whenever assaulting higher foes particularly Mikazuchi and you will Entering in the Akuruka’s form. She actually is concerned about him by using the Akuruka as it is also feed on their lifestyle. Kuon declines you to definitely because a great reason because the and you will she will wait a little for to possess his address.

Comment Section

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